Are you looking for a way to expand your business empire and attract customers from neighbouring areas?

Local area landing pages to the rescue!

Maybe you run a business based in Epsom but you also want your business to be found in the Google search results by customers searching for a service provider in Sutton, Reigate and Kingston. This can be done by building specially optimised ‘local area landing pages’ for each of the areas you want your business to be ranked in Google.

 For example, if you are a plumber based in Epsom, a local area landing page could be created and optimised to help your business rank for customers searching for ‘plumber in sutton’ or ‘plumber in kingston’.

It’s not rocket science but the content on the local area landing pages does need to be considered, unique and optimised effectively for them to have a chance of ranking well.

 We have had some great results with this, it is a proven and cost effective way to increase the reach of your business and start attracting more customers from the surrounding areas. The local area landing pages can take a few months to be indexed and start climbing the ranking. The effectiveness will depend on the competency of the competition.

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