This short article gives you the heads-up about re-marketing and why you should be using it to attract more leads from your website.

Did you know that on average 98% of people who visit a website leave without taking an action such as filling out a contact form or calling. The main reason for this is people surfing the web are usually clicking from one website to another doing research before they buy and end up getting distracted and missing out on the great service or product your business offers.

Re-marketing to the rescue! using platforms such as Google Adwords or Facebook you can encourage people who have previously clicked through to your website to come back to it.

Re-marketing works by a snippet of code being added to your website. Then when a potential customer visits your website and leaves without making an enquiry or purchase, this code snippet can then be used to show a banner advert for your product/service on the many sites that are signed up to the Google display network or when they next visit Facebook. This means once they leave your site they will see banner ads on other sites reminding them about your business and to come back to the site to find out more and ultimately to get in touch. The great thing about this is that you only pay Google or Facebook if the advert is clicked and the person is sent back to your website.

So now you can re-capture some of those lost leads and start saving for your next dream holiday 🙂

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