I love Nando’s. For one I don’t have to think too much about what I’m going to order (I always go for the chicken!) but mainly because when it comes to marketing and branding they’ve really got their act together. The spirit of fun and eclectic mix of design that ties together nicely is carried across everything; the restaurant interiors, menus, uniforms, website etc.

One thing in particular that keeps me coming back for is their customer loyalty scheme. They have a loyalty card with a space for 10 stamps on it. Every time you go you get a stamp. When you get the 3rd stamp you get a free quarter of chicken, the 6th stamp a free half chicken and when you get to 10 stamps you get a free whole chicken!

Call me cheap but the lure of those free chicken pieces keeps me coming back for more! Now I’m sure Nando’s get those chickens for next to nothing, so it costs them very little and I always bring someone else with me plus buy a bottle of (house) wine, so everyone wins.

With this in mind I think if you do not already have a well publicised loyalty scheme for your customers, now would be a great time to think of one.

If you are looking for someone to design and print your loyalty cards, look no further!

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