Using the website we recently built for MJB Security Solutions as an example I thought we would show the breakdown of the different elements that went into its build.

The MJB website uses a fairly minimal template which befits the application and makes it a good website to use for this example.

This website is based on our silver business start-up package which includes logo design, website design, the addition of up to 3 pages of content and on-page Search Engine Optimisation. The full details of which can be seen on our Business Start-up Page.

The extra bolt-ons (additions to the start-up packages found at the bottom of the business start-up and web design package pages) that were bought were the Image Slider bolt-on (used to give the home page some visual impact and drive home the key reason for choosing MJB Security Solutions) and the Copywriting bolt-on (so the home page was written by a copywriter and in this case the copywriting of the additional pages was also purchased).

You can see the different elements highlighted in the annotated screen grab below.

MJB Security Solutions website with annotations

Below are four smaller screen grabs showing the difference if various elements are not purchased for the website build.

MJB Security Solutions website minus the imageryNumber 1. This example shows the website minus the imagery. When we build a website we are building the framework to which content is then added. An important part of that content is images. These either have to be commissioned from an illustrator or photographer, purchased from a stock image library or supplied by the client. We are not big believers in adding imagery for the sake of it and if imagery is going to be added it is worth taking the time to make sure it is good. Ideally imagery should support / reinforce the point communicated in the text or at the very least add some visual interest.

If you want imagery and are not going to supply your own, you should make sure you have budgeted for the acquisition of images. Purchasing the rights to use royalty-free stock imagery can be anything from a few pounds for a web resolution image upwards. Sometimes images need to be manipulated in order to make your point. The security dog wasn’t wearing a hat originally for example. That image was painstakingly crafted from two stock images. Photoshoots can be arranged and obviously cost significantly more but are often worth it if you need a specific image unique to your company that cannot be made from combining stock photography.

MJB Security Solutions website minus the imagery and image sliderNumber 2. This example shows the website minus the stock imagery and minus the image slider. We like using image sliders because they can show a sequence of key points in the prime area at the top of the screen. They are a simple way to add some movement and visual interest to the website.

MJB Security Solutions website minus the imagery, image slider, copywriting and SEONumber 3. This example shows the website minus the imagery, image slider and minus the copywriting and on-page search engine optimisation. Provided the website does not look ugly or amateur we think the most important thing on a website is was is being communicated. This communication is primarily done with the text (unless you are using video in which case the script is important). We think each page on your website should be created with a goal in mind. If the page is selling a particular service the copy on that page should convince the reader* that you are the best provider of that service for them.

*Hopefully you will be driving traffic from your target market to your website (more on that later).

MJB Security Solutions website minus the imagery, image slider, copywriting, SEO and logoNumber 4. This final example is devoid of all of the above and it is missing the logo. A professionally designed logo can give your business a credible look. We think that a logo is not of primary importance however. It is vitally important to have a strong core offering, carefully constructed to appeal to your target market and be getting your message in front of them. A bad logo can potentially hinder this process but a brilliant logo will never be a substitute for it.

Driving traffic to your website. This can be done in a multitude of ways. If you need traffic quickly however, few beat using Google Adwords pay-per-click adverts. Especially if you are selling products or services with a lot of margin (so you can afford to pay for advertising). It is important to not be driving irrelevant or poorly targeted traffic to your website.

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