For business owners now is an uncertain time with the coronavirus causing a down turn in the economy. So what can you do to help insulate your business from being badly impacted…

We were listening to a teleseminar yesterday by marketing great Chris Cardell and we thought you might like to hear some of the highlights:

Apparently 80% stop marketing in a recession (and this is likely to be a mini-recession at best) and this is a bad move. Best to be lining stuff up for when things are (hopefully) back on the rails. There can be opportunity in times of recession.

Check in with your customers (hi!), add more value and don’t stop selling.

Take the money: Grab any money that is being offered

Plan for best case, medium case and worst case scenarios.

Use this period to improve your website and marketing. Ensure you have a sequence of emails setup that automatically go out to new customers. As some businesses cut their ad spend per-click-costs are dropping for some pay-per-click campaigns (so now might be a cheap time to test pay-per-click).

Think of how you can be creative when it comes to solutions to newly arisen problems. 😳

Anyhow, hope that might be of help and let us know if we can do anything.

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