The other week myself and Murray finally bit the bullet and did something some of you have been telling us to do for a while (no, not the photo-shoot with the flamingos), something we should have done a long time ago; we handed in our notice at our day jobs.

As most of our clients run their own businesses this is probably something that most of you will have done already. I don’t know whether this was an easy decision for you to make* but it certainly wasn’t for us, despite the fact that we were well overdue taking Indigo Marmoset to the next level.

One reason that we were so reticent about leaving was because we had become good friends with our two bosses and did not want to leave them in the lurch.

As it turns out our fears, were unfounded because when we told them, they were delighted. We have agreed that from now on we will run the web side of their business independently under the banner of Indigo Marmoset.

So, as of the 1st of September 2014 we are running Indigo Marmoset full time. We will be splitting our time between our new London office in Earlsfield and Murray’s home office at 6 Downland Close, Epsom.

This will mean we will be available for scheduled meetings during the day in either Epsom or London.

If evening meetings work best for you as they have for us in the past, this will still be do-able.

If you would like to arrange a time to pop in and discuss any marketing issues or perhaps the new opportunities available on Facebook et al please get in touch.

We are always on the lookout for more people who we can help market their businesses so if you know of anybody that could benefit from our services please let us or them know. We are still running our referral offer to say thanks so if you successfully refer someone to us we will either give you £50 or set up a Google Adwords account for you for only £49, or reprint x250 88x55mm full colour, matt laminated business cards. We will also give a £50 off voucher to the referee to use against any of our services.

Now more than ever it would be really appreciated if you could continue to support us by referring friends or businesses acquaintances!

Matt & Murray

Tap to call: 01737 350 389