Most business owners have heard of Google Adwords but surprisingly not many of you are using it!! There is a lot of misinformation and old wives stories spoken about Adwords, so here is a re-fresher of how Google Adwords can help deliver a steady stream of customers for your business.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords adverts are the very top 6 listings in the Google search results pages. If you click one of these pay-per-click listings, Google will send you to the advertiser’s website and charge the business advertising a small fee.

In the bad old days of advertising, you would put an advert for your product or service in a newspaper or magazine and hope that someone interested in what you offer would stumble across the ad and call you. With Google pay-per-click advertising, you can advertise online and your advert only shows when someone searches in Google for a product or service you offer. You don’t pay for your advert appearing, you only pay when it is clicked!!

You can set a daily budget (e.g. £10 per day) and target specific geographic areas where your business operates making it an amazingly cost effective way to generate enquires or sales from your ideal customers either locally, nationally or even internationally.

How can you get started with Adwords for your business?

Our Adwords starter package will get you up and running.This package includes your Adwords account setup and keyword research to find the most profitable keywords. We write your adverts and setup conversion tracking to measure the success of your Adwords campaign. We also take a look at the landing pages on your website that your adverts click through to and let you know whether these need to be improved (We give a 20% discount on any work that needs to be made to improve your landing page).

After one month we will review your Adwords campaign and send you a progress report.

We do all this for just £199 +VAT (excludes Google pay-per-click daily budget)

If this sounds like a good investment for your business simply get in touch and will get you started with Google Adwords Pay-per-click Advertising.

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