Are you looking for an easy and secure way to store and share files and pictures on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone? Welcome to Dropbox…

Dropbox is a freemium service which makes online storage and sharing of files and pictures dead simple. If you work on a laptop and desktop computer and are constantly having to copy files between the two or you want share files with friends, colleagues or clients, this solution is really worth checking out. It also has an app for IOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android devices so you can access your files when you are out of the office or down the pub with friends!

Once downloaded and installed it creates a folder on your computer which you put your documents inside. It works as an online backup and files are constantly syncronised with your online storage locker. So if you computer breaks or is stolen, you have a back-up of all your files.

Another clever feature is that if you install it on your laptop or another desktop PC, it will also syncronise with your online storage locker (when connected to the internet). So if you update a file on your laptop, it will update in the online storage locker and then later when you turn on your desktop computer and it connects to the internet, it will automatically update on your desktop PC as well.

You can also login to your Dropbox and access your documents from other computers if needed (if you are on holiday for instance).

Also if you overwrite or delete a file by accident you can access earlier versions of it in the online storage locker.

Another great feature of Dropbox is file sharing. You can easily share files with your friends, colleagues and clients. When you upload a file to Dropbox you will be given a public link you can email. When the recipient receives the email and link they can then download the files with a single click.

It is easy to use and the best thing of all is that it is FREE for up to 2gb of storage (which is quite a lot).

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