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Potter Perrin had an old bathroom showroom web design built in Flash that did not allow all the potential customers visiting the site to view it as Flash is not supported on all mobile operating systems. Additionally, building entire sites in Flash is not a good idea as the content is not so accessible for search engines and therefore you site will not rank well in the search results.

A new modern look bathroom showroom web design was created and the site built using the WordPress content management system. A mobile responsive theme was used, allowing the website content to a sensible size whether viewed on a mobile, tablet or desktop PC.

The site also includes a portfolio system that gives the team at Potter Perrin the ability to easily add and display their end of line products. After a 1 hour training course, the Potter Perrin team are now managing the website themselves.

Bathroom Showroom Web Design For Potter Perrin

What We Did


This site was built using the popular WordPress content management system, giving the client the ability to update and add content.


Search Engine Optimisation

We optimised the Weldfix website for ‘mobile welders london’ and ‘welder in london’. The website ranks at the top of the first page of the Google search results for both these search terms.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

We included the industry leading drag & drop page builder which allows the client to quickly update the pages on their website and also build new professional looking pages with very little technical knowledge required.

Product Catalogue

A product catalogue system was added to the site which allows the clients range of products to be easily managed and appear consistent throughout the site wherever they are viewed.

Mobile Responsive Design

A mobile responsive bathroom showroom web design was used to allow the new site to be easily navigated and browsed on mobile, tablets and desktops.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking was setup to allow the client to analyse the visitor activity on their site. They can see detailed information including how many people have visited the site, where they are visiting from and what keywords they typed into Google to find their website.

Bathroom Showroom Web Design For Potter Perrin

What the client said…

“We have used Matt and Murray before so didn’t think twice about asking them to work on our new site. They are so flexible, patient and have such a good understanding of each individual client. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else.”

Harriet Perrin

Potter Perrin

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