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Mark the owner of Hinkell CNC Machines had been struggling along with a very basic website which looked out of date and no longer reflected his business. Also Mark’s old engineer web design was not mobile responsive so was difficult to navigate and read for people viewing on mobiles and tablets.

Marks business has two departments, CNC machine sales and CNC machine servicing. We separated these two departments into separate websites. This allowed us to create a engineer web design for each department that focused on either selling the CNC machines or servicing them. Having the sites separated this way also allowed us to better optimise each site to rank in Google. The two sites are connected by a main hub page that sends the potential customer to either the servicing or sales sites depending on their requirements.

The sales site includes data capture with a free downloadable report to encourage potential customers to signup to a mailing list. This allows Mark to build a list of people interested in his CNC machines so he can follow up with them later.

Engineer Web Design Hinkell Engineering Solutions

What We Did


This site was built using the popular WordPress content management system, giving the client the ability to update and add content.


Search Engine Optimisation

On page search engine optimisation was undertaken to help the Hinkell websites rank better in the Google search results.

Google Adwords

A Google Adwords pay per click campaign was setup to get Wellcare a top listing in the Google search results for target keywords. As a result the advertising campaign drives a steady stream of traffic to the website were it is converted into paying customers.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

We included the industry leading drag & drop page builder which allows the client to quickly update the pages on their website and also build new professional looking pages with very little technical knowledge required.

Mobile Responsive Design

A mobile responsive design was used to allow the new engineer web design to be easily navigated and browsed on mobile, tablets and desktops.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking was setup to allow the client to analyse the visitor activity on their site. They can see detailed information including how many people have visited the site, where they are visiting from and what keywords they typed into Google to find their website.

Data Capture

This site uses data capture to build a database of potential customer email addresses. They can then be marketed to later using an email marketing system.

Hinkell CNC Machines Responsive Web Design

What the client said…

“When I met with Matt & Murray to discuss my new website, it became very quickly apparent that they know their stuff! Not just web design but more importantly marketing. By the end of our meeting they had come up with a clever marketing strategy. The resulting websites are a great platform for me to grow my business, so if your looking for company who can help your business improve its marketing I would highly recommend Indigo Marmoset.”

Mark Kelleher

HinKell Engineering Solutions

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