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John Doyle is an electrician with a successful niche company in garden lighting.

He wanted a new classy, sophisticated looking website to showcase his garden lighting services and completed works.

We worked with John to design a stunning website built in WordPress that puts this company’s work in the spotlight. Our copywriter wrote the text for the sales pages to make sure each page communicated the benefits of John’s services.

The site is now working hard for John and is delivering enquiries that are helping drive his business forward.

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What We Did

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This site was built using our Golden Goose makeover package.

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In a 60 minute strategy session, we highlighted the problems with the current site which had been built a very long time ago and discussed how they should be addressed to get the website working harder.

This resulted in the build of a new website with strong professionally copy written sales pages for each market. We also made several other improvements including: site structure and navigation, making the site mobile responsive and improving the page load times.

We also added a portfolio system so the garden lighting projects that had been done could be organised and displayed and new projects easily added.


Professional Copywriting

After a detailed brief in which I amassed a lot of information, I need to ensure the copy made the case for investing in high quality garden lighting rather than leaving this as an afterthought. Focusing on the incredible finish innovative and carefully planned lighting can make to landscaping projects, I took each of the client’s different target audiences in turn and wrote directly for them, focusing on the keywords and benefits. Using strong headlines I created an aspirational, uplifting tone of voice which matched the beautiful imagery and passion and expertise of the business owner.


This site was built using the popular WordPress content management system, giving the client the ability to update and add content.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

We included the industry leading drag & drop page builder which allows the client to quickly update the pages on their website and also build new professional looking pages with very little technical knowledge required.

Mobile Responsive Design

A mobile responsive design was used to allow the new site to be easily navigated and browsed on mobile, tablets and desktops.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking was setup to allow the client to analyse the visitor activity on their site. They can see detailed information including how many people have visited the site, where they are visiting from and what keywords they typed into Google to find their website.

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What the client said…

“Matt & Murray built me a stunning website that perfectly showcases the range of garden lighting services I offer. They used my photography to really communicate the value I offer. There copywriter has written some brilliant text that compliments my photography and put together I now have a modern site that has gets me a lot of positive comments. 100% recommended.”

John Doyle

Light Your Garden

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