Davina Saunders

Davina needed a blog site to talk about skincare and cosmetic surgery issues. This site compliments her professional website the The Harley Street Skin Clinic which we also built for Davina.

This site was built using WordPress to provide the blog functionality. A professional copywriter was used to write the introductory text.

Davina can now add her blog posts using WordPress with the addition of a page builder system that makes it even easier and quicker.

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What We Did

Eager Beaver Startup Package

This site was built using our Eager Beaver startup package with the addition of professional copywriting.

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A modern clean design was used for Davina’s site and some nice photography of her along with some stock images. We created a simple, yet classy logo.


This site was built using the popular WordPress content management system, giving the client the ability to update and add content.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

We included the industry leading drag & drop page builder which allows the client to quickly update the pages on their website and also build new professional looking pages with very little technical knowledge required.


Professional Copywriter

A professional copywriter was used to produce persuasive and compelling text that really communicates the benefits of the client’s services.

Mobile Responsive Design

A mobile responsive design was used to allow the new site to be easily navigated and browsed on mobile, tablets and desktops.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking was setup to allow the client to analyse the visitor activity on their site. They can see detailed information including how many people have visited the site, where they are visiting from and what keywords they typed into Google to find their website.

Data Capture

This site uses data capture to build a database of potential customer email addresses. They can then be marketed to later using an email marketing system.

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What the client said

“I am delighted to be able to recommend Indigo Marmoset to any business who is struggling to get customers from their website, these are the chaps you need to be speaking to!”

Davina Saunders

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