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The Trereife House website had been built a long time ago and as such the design was looking dated, and wasn’t mobile responsive. The site structure was more complicated than it needed so we simplified this and used our copywriter to create some better and more compelling text to sell the benefits that Trereife House has to offer. We also improved the look of the site by creating some fullwidth page banners using their stunning photography to really convey the beauty of the house and the amazing grounds.
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What We Did

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This site was built based on our Golden Goose makeover package.

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The existing website was looking a bit dated and wasn’t mobile responsive. Additionally the site structure was complicated which made navigating to the right page more complicated than it needed to be. So we simplified the page structure and added more content to the key sales pages.


This site was built using the popular WordPress content management system, giving the client the ability to update and add content.

Search Engine Optimisation

The website had dropped in the search results following it partially breaking. The ranking of some of the pages have since regained or improved. The pages are now much stronger content-wise so should convert much better.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

We included the industry leading drag & drop page builder which allows the client to quickly update the pages on their website and also build new professional looking pages with very little technical knowledge required.


Professional Copywriter

A professional copywriter was used to produce persuasive and compelling text that really communicates the benefits of the client’s services.

Mobile Responsive Design

A mobile responsive design was used to allow the new site to be easily navigated and browsed on mobile, tablets and desktops.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking was setup to allow the client to analyse the visitor activity on their site. They can see detailed information including how many people have visited the site, where they are visiting from and what keywords they typed into Google to find their website.

Bed and breakfast website design

What our copywriter had to say...

The copywriting was an important aspect of the project. With so many locations of interest, hotels and wedding venues in Cornwall, we needed to ensure Trereife was positioned as a desirable destination.

But even more important was capturing the unique history, character and quirks of the venue, and making this relevant and appealing to audiences, particularly those looking for somewhere beautiful and special for their wedding.

An in depth brief took place with the hotel owner, who had a fascinating story to tell and lots of interesting facts to share.

Using quotes from Romantic Poets brought the back story and brand to life and positioned Trereife as a romantic venue, perfect for weddings.

Interspersing quirky facts gave the Manor House character and enticed those with an interest in heritage and buildings to visit, join a tour and find out more.

Of course, this was accompanied by plenty of powerful, positive descriptions and details of the rooms, services and wedding experience to be enjoyed by guests.

What the client said…

“Our website was built a long time ago and as such wasn’t mobile responsive or working as well as it should. Matt and Murray from Indigo Marmoset created a stunning showcase for our B&B and wedding venue business. The site now looks fantastic and their copywriter created some amazing text that really sells why people should choose Trereife House. The process from start to finish was also very straightforward, they took the whole thing in hand and as a result we now have a wonderful new website that has started to generate us more enquiries and bookings. Thanks for you hard work.”
Peter Le Grice

Trereife House

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