Beware the horror of trying to use an unresponsive website on a smart phone!

Did you know, more people now use the internet on a mobile rather than a desktop device?

If you website is not responsive, have you tried using it on a mobile phone? Hard, right? You have to pinch, zoom, and fiddle about! This is not a good experience for potential customers. Not sure if your website is responsive? Grab the bottom right corner of your web browser and drag it in towards the to left. If the website is responsive (like this one) the layout of the content will respond to the smaller window size and change, whilst remaining legible.

Additionally, earlier this year, Google updated its mobile search algorithm so web pages designed for only large screens may see a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results. Read more here. See if your website is mobile friendly using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool.

Don’t delay making your website mobile friendly!

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