If you are not already getting reviews from your customers then you need to start because customer reviews should be a key marketing activity for your business. Reviews give your business the chance to see what’s working, help you get discovered by new customers and give them the peace of mind that you can deliver the service or product they are searching for.

There are many online review sites you can use to get your customers to leave you a testimonial but TrustPilot has become the biggest and most well known player on the scene. In the last couple of years TrustPilot have become the de facto online review site, when watching adverts on TV you will often see the companies who are advertising mention their TrustPilot reviews.

So setting up a free account and getting your customers to start leaving you reviews would be a shrewd move. It only takes moments to setup and it even has a built in system that emails your clients to request they leave you a review. If you want to see how a TrustPilot page looks you can visit our’s here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/indigomarmoset.co.uk

Once you setup your account and start getting reviews you can send your prospective customers to your TrustPilot page to read all the great things your current customers have to say about you. And because the reviews are being written by your customers in your TrustPilot page, this makes them much more believable than if they were to read them on your website.

Another great benefit of having a TrustPilot review page for your business is that they rank very well for people searching for your business in Google. Our TrustPilot page is listed just under our listing in the Google search results. So for people researching for our business, they will see our TrustPilot page and all the great reviews we have.

You can even add a TrustPilot widget on your website which shows how many reviews you have, and it includes a link to read them on your TrustPilot page.

So for me this is no brainer and it is free!! Get yourself over to TrustPilot and setup your free account and start getting reviewed.

Signup for a TrustPilot account here: TrustPilot

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