Our hosting servers will soon be upgraded to a brand new and awesome cloud hosting platform.

Most website design companies host their client’s websites on a shared server. Shared servers, as their name suggests, are hosting servers that host lots of websites which all ‘share’ and compete for the same resources. This can cause performance problems such as slow page load times and server crashes leaving your website completely unreachable!

How will cloud hosting benefit your website?

To provide our clients with the best hosting for their websites we have upgraded to cloud servers.

Because our cloud servers do not rely on one single server to power your website or databases, you will benefit from faster page load speeds and increased reliability. Using fully optimised cloud server clusters to support each other, these resources can be called upon instantly at any time so your website is always running at optimum levels.

This upgrade will apply to all our existing clients, also any new clients hosting websites with us from this point onwards will automatically be set-up on our cloud hosting platform.

Check out our Web Design, Business Startup and Business Makeover packages all of which come with the first year of cloud hosting FREE.

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